The Birth

Nar’aya was the youngest of the Celestials, no one really understood how that could even be – most just assumed it was due to her size – because they were all immortal. From their soft listless perch at the center of the cosmos, they watched over and brought order to all that we know. Nar’aya was a Timekeeper, a watcher on the clock of existence. The diminutive goddess would tiptoe across the purple, pink, and wispy blue waters of time as she peered here and there at the lives of the universe. Sometimes she would stare for hours as butterflies bobbled and babbled through on a Spring’s Morning air. She watched intently as children swaddled themselves against the frigidness of winter, rubbing their feet against cushy, warm blankets freshly pulled from the dryer.  Her eyes darted to and fro as she counted the splinters and shards of an avalanche, being sure to leave no stone unaccounted for. She was always restless, feeling as important as a stopwatch with a voice. But that’s when it hit her; she cried inwardly as she realized that nothing could come from her but observation, not flight nor comfort – she has no one to watch her… so she thought.

The Situation

Nar was in the Land of the Betweens, for better or for worse, and there was little she could do to escape. Well, that was not quite true, she could have jumped through a portal into the world, but all of her being, all of the energy and power that has been stored inside her mind and body over the eons… it would simply have exploded into the vast blackness of space, or she would hope. The thing is, she could not guarantee her location once she jumped onto the other side, it could be interstellar space, or in the middle of Toledo, kill every human there, every human on damn near the entire planet of Earth. She pondered, wondered, and tore into her own expansive mind for a way out of her predicament, but she could not break free. Then one day she had a funny idea; she peered into portals, portals that looked inward to her home.

The Abyss Is a Young Goddess

She saw the Umbra Populi, the Vestals quietly discussed how their own universe passed before Time was time (she was a bitter Lady of the Light, scorned that all call her “Father”, but was mostly over it – a few billion years can do wonders for the soul, it seems), her brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and yet she did not feel any different. She hoped for some grand revelation, some story that someone might have revealed to make her existence more palatable, or even beautiful, but she did not find such a story. She found as much solace in her ethereal home as she found on the ordinary plane. Nar’aya was slumped into a darkness more intimidating than any of the cosmos she had seen before, but she decided to end that story, she opened a doorway right inside of herself.

Intended Consequences

The instant the door opened she looked down, and like some spray of sparks in a funhouse, she lit up a kaleidoscope of lights into an instantly reflecting void. The moment she looked down she saw millions, billions, maybe infinite stars, or what looked like it, flowing from within her into some new kind of existence. No one died when she looked within herself, she did not need to rely on someone else to give her purpose or meaning. She was still there, in that new – whatever she created – but just in myriad new forms. Inside of this new world she had created of her own free will, she got cozy with the idea of observing and creating as she saw fit through the ages.

Daily Prompt: Cozy


A Nook in Time

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